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FOOD | Endorsing the Sweet Potato Odyssey

Megan Brown has a great respect for sweet potatoes and explains why she’s added these orange root veggies to her student diet.

Soybeans. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

FOOD | Soy Chorizo “Stick it to the Man” Pasta

In response to a recent Monsanto soybean patent court case, Megan Brown has cooked a simple soy chorizo pasta as her way of sticking it to the man.

Cooked quinoa. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

FOOD | Quinoa Crazy – When Our Hunger for Health Taxes South American Farmers

Megan Brown writes critically about how consumption of the trendy miracle vegetable-grain, quinoa, affects South American harvesters.

Pig in the oven. (Photo by Megan Brown)

FOOD | Going Whole Hog in the Foothills

Megan Brown reviews the pig roast at the Latin American restaurant Rumbo Al Sur in Oakland, CA. Was it to her liking?

(Photo by Megan Brown)

FOOD | Crock Pot King Cake Fail. Well, mostly

For Mardi Gras, Megan Brown tries her hand at making a traditional King Cake in a crock pot. See how it turned out.

Saturday Aristocrat Pancakes. (Photo by Megan Brown)

FOOD | Saturday Aristocrat Pancakes

Try out Megan Brown’s mouth-watering pancake recipe which includes bananas, Bosc pears, strawberries and yogurt.

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