Members of  the Minneapolis-based band "Steam Machine" were on staff at the BOTMC. Here, they are giving a concert at The Black Room in Berkeley.

Traditional music from all over coming to Berkeley

The most exciting week of the year is coming up for traditional old-time musicians in the Bay Area. The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention (or BOTMC, not to be confused with the acronym for Book of the Month Club when Googled) will take place from Sept. 26–30, 2018, and will feature well-known artists from all […]

It’s time: A call for Mills College to go smoke and tobacco free

Mills College is known for its progressive and liberal values and practices. On top of that, the College prides itself in its efforts to be eco-friendly. Everywhere you look, you see compost bins, solar powered charging stations, signs about water and energy conservation, and vegan friendly food options. Unfortunately, there is something else you will […]

New BART surcharge is discriminatory

Starting on Jan. 1, 2018, BART began adding a 50 cent surcharge to paper tickets, meaning anyone without a plastic Clipper card would be charged more. This was clearly meant to encourage the use of Clipper cards, as the BART website states, “Riders are encouraged to get a Clipper card ( to avoid the surcharge.” For […]

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