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A day in the life of a rower

Athletes account for a sizeable portion of the population at Mills College. Everyone has sat next to a student athlete in class or at Founders, but those who do not play sports may not understand the intensity and dedication their life requires. Their lives require extensive planning, hard work and attention to health and time. For […]

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Mental health: a practical list of resources

It has become more commonly believed that mental health is just as important as physical health when thinking about long term lifestyle choices. However, it can be important to reach out for professional help when mental health issues threaten safety or if they are getting in the way of everyday life. There are resources for […]

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Affordable exercise classes for students in the East Bay

The cartoon is a humorous take on the belief that exercise classes — particularly yoga — are reserved for the privileged. Like those with full time jobs, students often have limited time for exercise or relaxation. Beyond that, many students do not have the funds or means to get to expensive yoga or exercise classes. With all […]

Weight Watchers’ new focus on wellness met with skepticism

Weight Watchers (WW) has undergone many changes in recent weeks to rebrand themselves and shift their focus away from weight loss and towards “wellness,” but many people who have known the diet-based company their whole lives are skeptical, and are beginning to see larger problems in American society than calorie counting. The company is now called “WW”—an acronym for […]

(Photo by APER) Pintel has been on the team since her first year.

Cyclone of the week

Dalia Pimentel’s dedication, passion and leadership both on and off the soccer field have earned her the title of Cyclone of the Week—an honorable title given to an outstanding student athlete each week. Pimentel  has been on the soccer team since her first year at Mills, and she calls the experience “without a doubt, the […]

(Photo by Calli Storrs) Golub recently graduated from Holy Names University.

New assistant tennis coach brings hard work and empathy to her job

Mills College’s new assistant tennis coach, Julia Golub, brings nine years of experience to the team. Golub was hired over the summer and has already started working with the team. A recent graduate of Holy Names University (HNU), Golub heard about the opening at Mills from her own tennis coach, Trina Slapeka, who knew Mills’ head tennis […]

Cross-registration: It’s a lot

To Mills students, cross-registration seems like a great way to explore surrounding colleges and take classes that may not be offered at Mills, specifically in foreign language.  The requirements to do so may impede on students’ academic success. Although it is clearly stated on the Mills website, many full-time students are not aware that to […]

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