Please Stay: The Myth of Bravery

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen others preaching that mental illnesses should be taken as seriously as physical ones, I would perhaps be able to afford the lifelong quality treatment often required to alleviate symptoms of such illnesses. While the statement is true, the actions and words of those claiming […]

Discussions about body positivity and eating disorders on-campus

At the end of February, Mills athletic training offered an Instagram challenge called #LoveYourSelfie as a celebration of their Body Acceptance Week. The challenge encouraged student athletes to share and celebrate positive feelings about self care and body image. The dates of this campaign coincided with National Eating Disorder Awareness week, sponsored by the National […]

Medication and wellness: a perfect recipe

Psychiatric medications are commonly prescribed for depression, anxiety and various mood disorders. While they can be life saving and otherwise¬†useful¬†for some, their use can be even more effective when paired with other forms of self care and wellness practices. In my experience, medications have been necessary for me to function and be productive in school […]

The Ferry Plaza Marketplace sells flowers in addition to produce, prepared food, baked goods and other items on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Be eco-friendly by shopping at farmers markets

† Eating locally and sustainably grown food is widely known as being¬†beneficial to¬†one’s health, the local economy, and the planet. A great way to buy local is to shop at farmers markets. Not only do farmer‚Äôs markets sell food that is in season, they offer a wide variety of foods all within a neighboring region […]

Photo by Lila Goehring

Festival of Light and Dark welcomes all

The Festival of Light and Dark (FOLD) is an annual Mills traditional that occurs near the end of the fall¬†semester. This year, it will be on Dec. 10. The festival is a place for everyone to come together, regardless of religious or spiritual identity.¬†It is a chance for different religious and spiritual groups on-campus to […]

Photo by Annie Pearce

A day in the life of a rower

Athletes account for a¬†sizeable portion of the population at Mills College. Everyone has sat next to a student athlete in class or at Founders, but those who do not play sports may not understand the intensity and dedication their life requires. Their lives require extensive planning, hard work and attention to health and time. For […]

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Mental health: a practical list of resources

It has become more commonly believed that mental health is just as important as physical health when thinking about long term lifestyle choices. However, it can be important to reach out for professional help when mental health issues threaten safety or if they are getting in the way of everyday life. There are resources for […]

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