Letter to the Editor: Community member responds to Fart Ass vandal’s “confession”

Tom McDougall has something to say about the humor column from the previous print issue.

Letter to the Editor: Where’s the Mills Cafe at?

Phuong Tseng and Carolina Levy address several concerns regarding The Campanil’s article “Possibility of opening a new Café on Campus.”

Letter to the Editor: Virginity Response

I am not the only person who finds the Feb. 19 “Ask Millie” column problematic. And while I don’t speak for everyone, here is a by-no-means-comprehensive list of what I find problematic.

Letter to the Editor: Mills Confessions

The Mills Confession page started off as harmless but then people started to abuse and exploit it. It became a place to air your dirty laundry and grievances about Mills.

The logo from the Mills College Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation newsletter. (APER)

Response: Why We Are the Cyclones

This week’s Letter to the Editor explains why a cyclone makes a very apt mascot for the College.

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