The commuter conundrum: How can we build community with off-campus students?

Living on campus for the first two years at Mills, I built great bonds, both with my immediate living community and with the larger campus as a whole. However, since last year — my first year as a commuter — it’s been challenging to find where I belong. The spike in tution coupled with lengthy […]

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: Reflection

Kirstyne Lange reflects on being a dean for the Sadie Nash Summer Institute and all the essential things she’s learned this summer.

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: Goodbye, Sadie Nash

Kirstyne Lange reflects on her last week with the Sadie Nash Leadership Project and how much fun she had working alongside the young women in the program.

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: So Natural, It’s Surreal

Kirstyne Lange’s fourth official week as a dean was filled with poetry presentations, family portraits and ACLU speakers.

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: Workshopping

Kirstyne Lange has been busy, busy, busy last week with hosting workshops and visiting family in Virginia.

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: Healing Retreat

Kirstyne Lange is pretty busy with activities at the Healing Retreat in Princeton during her second week as a dean.

BLOG | Kirie’s New York Adventures: Central Park

Kirstyne Lange has started her first day at the Summer Institute and celebrated her Fourth of July weekend by exploring Central Park.

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