COMIC | We can’t have speeches here!

Cartoonist Katie Sunshine is a little too obsessed with the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

COMIC | Well, I AM doing a research paper…

Cartoonist Katie Sunshine is TOTALLY doing research on various internet websites for her big paper. Really.

COMIC | The Bathroom Stalls in Stern

Cartoonist Katie Sunshine has something to say about the tagging and scrawls on the bathroom stalls at Lucie Stern.


Cartoonist Katie Sunshine is going through a Soylent Green-ish dilemma.

COMIC | “Did you do the readings last night?”

Katie Sunshine illustrates what people really mean when they ask “Did you do the readings last night?”

COMIC | OH COOL! You got those new anime eyes contacts!

Katie Sunshine illustrates the hilarity of the new circle lens fad.

COMIC | Jab harder!

Cartoonist Katie Sunshine illustrates why studying is a bummer.

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