Jewish Student Collective hosts Judaism 101

On Wednesday, April 11, the Department of Spiritual and Religious Life in partnership with the Jewish Student Collective hosted “Judaism 101” where students were encouraged to ask anything and everything about Judaism. The event began in the chapel with a Yahrzeit candle lighting ceremony in honor of Holocaust remembrance day. The participants were led by […]

Mills student presents at UC Berkeley on the decolonization of Guam

On April 13, the Asian-Pacific American Student Development organization at UC Berkeley hosted Independent Guåhan for a conversation about the decolonization of Guam and the work being done through the organization. While Pacific Islander students make up 0.2 percent of UC Berkeley’s student population, the APASD group is making efforts to make visible the presence and […]

2nd annual COLLECTIVE art show celebrates POC artists

The second annual COLLECTIVE art show showcased art made by people of color, at Movement Ink, a local clothing apparel store, on March 9, 2018. Mills students and non-Mills students submitted works of visual art, multimedia, live poetry and music. The space became a makeshift art gallery for the night with art sharing space with the hoodies and T-shirts Movement Ink is […]

UCB hosts talk about the importance of Latinx and African American history

On Feb. 23, the UC Berkeley Multicultural Community Center hosted Paul Ortiz, author of “An African American and Latinx History of the United States.”  Ortiz’s recently published book tells the history of the Latinx and African American peoples in the United States through a more critical lens of the way Latinx and African American history […]

Bay area community responds to mass ICE arrests

On Wednesday, Feb. 28 people from across the Bay Area gathered in downtown San Francisco for an emergency rally to protest over 150 arrests in Northern California over the last few weeks by Immigration Customs and Enforcement. Oakland Mayor, Libby Shaaf publicly warned the Bay Area community on Feb. 24th of possible ICE raids in the Bay Area over the […]


Colombian American diva Kali Uchis made Oakland’s Fox Theater swoon

Kali Uchis graced the stage in a sparkly bandeau top, high pony tail and black high-waisted pants ready to bless her fans with her music. Uchis performed with a drummer, guitarist and keys player at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Feb. 19.  Uchis performed songs from both of her albums “Por Vida” and “Drunken Babble” as […]

San Francisco revisits cannabis charges

Amidst the legalization of recreational marijuana, San Francisco has announced that it will be reversing convictions for misdemeanor possessions of the drug.  This means that those who have been convicted have the opportunity for their convictions to be expunged, but this requires an attorney. There are over 4,000 convictions that will be looked into and over […]

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