Mills has no formal policy for political endorsements.

Mills seeming endorsement of Measure AA highlights lack of formal policy

The purported endorsement by Mills College of Measure AA: Oakland Children’s Initiative during the recent November elections has brought into question the College’s policy, or lack thereof, on political endorsements and the people authorized to speak on behalf of Mills in such a capacity. Mills must adhere to IRS guidelines for political endorsements and lobbying as […]

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Mills community partners on campus to support safe environment

For 2017, the City of Oakland recorded some of the highest rates of overall crime in California. Crime analysis from the Oakland Police Department (OPD) determined a rate of 73.3 crimes per thousand peoples. The number for San Francisco, listed second, is 69.2. Encompassed within Oakland’s city boundaries, the Mills College student body, staff and […]

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WGSS department brings Mills community together in thoughtful discussion around sexual assault

On Oct. 10, a mere four days after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a group of Mills students and faculty members joined together in the Vera Long lobby for a community pop-up conversation, hosted by the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) department, to share and reflect on the Senate Judiciary […]

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IUD can be more effective than the pill

Since 1982, the birth control pill has been the most popular contraceptive method among American women to prevent pregnancy. It is classic, popular and 99.9 percent effective for preventing pregnancy when taken correctly.  Although popular, the pill may not always be the best method of contraception.  Other options, such as Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs), might be better suited […]

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Ballot Measure AA tackles educating Oakland’s children

Endorsed by Mills College, Ballot Measure AA: Oakland Children’s Initiative, is proposing to expand access to quality preschool education for the city’s low-income children. Scholarships and financial aid are part of the plan to help build a path to higher education and increase graduation rates. To gather funding, the measure proposes a $198 annual parcel […]

Ranked choice voting changes the landscape for District 6 voters

The introduction of ranked-choice voting in Oakland has changed the strategy behind campaign messaging and political endorsements. Five candidates are currently running to represent District 6 on the City Council: the incumbent Desley Brooks, Natasha Middleton, Marlo Rodriguez, Loren Taylor and Mya Whitaker.  This is the district Mills College is located in.  Each contender, and those that endorse […]

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