Trump’s Sharpied Hurricane Path simplified

Since the beginning of September, President Trump has argued that the projected path of tropical storm Hurricane Dorian would end up hitting Alabama, despite contradicting scientific reporting. As of the first week of this month, Hurricane Dorian was one of the strongest recorded Atlantic storms. With wind speed at 185 miles per hour, it was […]

Parenting student advocate Chiany Dri

Current positions dedicated to serving the parenting student community play a very important role in providing guidance and support they need throughout the academic year. Because of recent budget cuts, many parenting students at Mills are facing a shrinking support system. Despite all this, Chiany Dri continues as an advocate and peer advisor for parenting […]

Writing for the Womanist: Healing Generational Trauma

The Womanist, a poetry, prose and visual art journal for women and femmes of color at Mills, has given me the opportunity to creatively process generational trauma in the form of poetry.

Staff Editorial: College Admission Scandal

Last month, the FBI charged fifty people for taking part in illegally securing admission into a handful of colleges and universities, making this one of the largest college admissions scams in the country. Wealthy parents involved offered up millions of dollars to one man, William Singer, to falsify potential students’ information. Singer owned a business […]

Filtering beauty: The toxic dilemma of Instagram beauty

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. One billion people are active Instagram users, and that number is expected to increase as the year goes by, according to There is a large beauty culture that is unique to Instagram. While many different social media platforms have similar content that surrounds the topic of […]

Staff Editorial: Recommending Mills

Would you recommend your college to potential students? As you attend higher education and grow as a student, feelings can change toward the college of your choice. You can go from excited to indifferent within the short span of a semester. There are many different aspects that could potentially make or break a college, and […]

Students are impacted in many different ways when faculty leaves Mills .

Staff Editorial: Teacher turnover and student instability

In the summer of 2017, Mills college lost five tenured professors due to the Financial Stabilization Plan introduced at the same time. In 2018, 14 professors were no longer on-campus. It seems as though more professors are leaving Mills, which is causing students to worry about their academic futures. Professors at Mills have many different roles […]

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