Farewell | Goodnight, and Goodluck

Our Editor-in-Chief Emily Mibach signs off with a farewell letter.


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(Britt Hart) Mills adjuncts are celebrating gaining more equalized benefits after 18 months of negotiation between the College and SEIU.

Mills adjunct professors win historic contract deal

Mills’ adjunct professsors union contract was ratified on March 18 after many months in the making.

An Open Letter to San Francisco Magazine from Mills Administration

President DeCoudreaux responded in a letter to a recent article in the San Francisco Magazine.

(Courtesy of Mills College)

Mills, meet president elect Hillman

After four years of covering Mills’ debacles, Emily Mibach has found that the new presidential pick is someone to be cautiously optimistic about.

Campus optimistic with selection of 14th president of Mills College

Mills students are “cautiously optimistic” with the new presidential pick, Elizabeth Hillman.

Campanil returns from Los Angeles with accolades

The Campanil came back from the Associated Collegiate Press Conference with several awards, and many new skills.

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