Press released: Emily Burian, editor in chief

I stumbled into the newsroom my second year at Mills, ready to nervously pitch a story about an ongoing political fight to save eucalyptus trees in the hills and leave right after the meeting. I ended up staying for three years. I’ve spent early mornings and spent entire nights at many different desks in this […]

Women In Music Fest panelists celebrate women working in the industry

The second annual Women In Music Festival supported women in the many fields within the music industry on April 5–8 in Oakland. Carmena Woodward, aka DJ Red Corvette, and Evangeline Elder started the festival in 2017 as a response to misogyny in the industry. This year they partnered with more organizations to bring more events and people, including a […]


Hummus lovers, try this vegan hummus recipe!

When I was in high school, I worked at a fancy wine and cheese restaurant that made delicious hummus. I have committed it to memory as if it were the secret Coca Cola recipe. It’s simple enough to make in your dorm, if you have access to a blender or food processor, and only has a few […]

Mills College still held to federal law on marijuana

Proposition 64 went into full effect Jan. 1, 2018, making recreational marijuana legal throughout California. For Mills, nothing has changed. Because we are still a federally funded college, we must adhere to federal regulations. However, once off campus, California State legislation takes over In the Mills handbook it specifically addresses the new legislation. “Due to the […]

Mills Farm to host fruit tree-planting day

On Sunday Nov. 5, the Mills Community Farm will partner with Oakland organizations Growing Together and Hip Hop For Change to plant a 55-tree fruit orchard from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volunteers will plant  citrus, plums, apple, nectarines and peach trees with breaks for demos, music, food and kids activities. Farm manager Alisha Strater, says that the farm aims […]

Have millennials killed social media performativity?

Millennial and younger generations have been criticized incessantly for being “addicted” to the technology that characterized our upbringing. But what if as a millennial or younger, you want to escape the performativity and constant connection of that space? Not worry about likes or producing good content? Enter: the Finsta. A separate Instagram account that functions […]


Letter from the editor: Welcome back to cuts

Welcome to our new students, staff, and faculty, and to our returning community members. 2017 is the 100th year in print for The Campanil, the student newspaper at Mills College. It has also been the summer when journalism itself has been continuously invalidated by the presidential administration, deeply institutional racism that has always existed in this country is […]

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