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Posts published by “Eden Julia”

Eden Sugay was the Health & Sports Editor for The Campanil from 2010-2012. She graduated with a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing in 2013.

Cyclone of the Week: Theresa Soares

On Sept. 15, Mills invited all students to participate in the Mills Cross Country Invitational, where runners were given the opportunity to run alongside members…

Cyclone of the Week: Maya Lama

Senior Maya Lama made her mark as Cyclone of the Week through her outstanding improvements on the Cross Country team, as well her leadership skills…

Cyclone Spotlight

Meghan Hinsch brings an intuition to the soccer field

The Perfect Sidekick

Fitness center in Oakland aims to provide LGBT community with a safe space to work out

New year, new classes, new you

Mills is offering several exciting new classes to help you get back into the swing of the school year!

Easy back to school recipe: Baked kale chips

Finding time to eat amidst the start of the school year can be difficult. Finding time to eat healthy is almost impossible. Almost. Eating and…