Staff Editorial | North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ+ law and its backlash

The Campanil strongly disagrees with North Carolina’s decision to pass a new bill that restricts rights for LGBTQ people.

Confessions of a grad student | Burnout and what’s the next step?

Grad student Dajanae Barrows looks to what the next phase of her life has in store.

Staff Editorial | The export of coal in Oakland & its potential effects

As the exportation of coal becomes an issue for Oakland, The Campanil has a few things to say.

(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) Mayor Libby Schaff's recent actions around job programs have have been controversial.

Staff Editorial | Mayor Libby Schaaf, reorganization of job programs and further displacement of residents

Mayor Libby Schaaf’s reorganization of certain job programs have caused an uproar. The Campanil shares its view on the issue.

(Emily Mibach)

What’s my name: Diversity and the future

Dajanae Barrows turned the frustrating experience of having an announcer skip over her name because it was hard to pronounce into an empowering one.

Staff Editorial | Peter Liang’s trial, Akai Gurley and the police today

The staff editorial concerns the death of civilian Akai Gurley at the hands of an Asian San Francisco Police Department officer.


Top bad love songs for Valentine’s Day

Need some bad love songs for Valentines day? Look no further!

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