What does it cost to call Mills home?

Staff columnists Caroline Berg writes about housing at Mills.

California Health Care uncertain with Obamacare on life support

The CA State Legislature must act quickly if it is to ensure a safe landing for the millions of American residents.

Recent ICE raids and tightening immigration restrictions have raised concern in immigrant communities around the nation. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Column | Threats of deportation provide a pivotal moment for the California justice system

Columnist Caroline Berg writes about the realities of recent ICE raids and threats of deportation.

Mills students participated in the Oakland Women's March. (Emily Burian)

Political Column I How the Bay takes on the Feds

Staff writer Caroline Berg writes about the political resistance that has come about as Donald Trump’s administration has begun to make changes.

Clinton (above) presents many issues for intersectional feminists.

Column I For Hillary Clinton, being a woman is not enough to be the first woman president

Clinton needs more to garner the younger female vote.

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