Please mess with Texas

Carla Hansen tells us why the Texas Board of Education has made her want to end any and all affiliation with the state.

Grad Notes: Don’t ask don’t tell

Staff columnist Carla Hansen writes about repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy

Haiti: Natural disasters as celebrity image booster

Columnist Carla Hansen writes about celebrities donating money to Haiti, and how it’s often not just for the benefit of those affected by the earthquake.

Healthcare amendment threatens to take away women’s rights

Columnist Carla Hansen examines the Stupak-Pitts amendment to the healthcare reform bill and how it will affects women’s health issues

Richmond should address underlying causes of rape

Columnist Carla Hansen discusses the recent gang rape at a Richmond high school and the importance of feminism as a method to stop this kind of violence against women.

Grad notes: loving it

After a month of being a graduate student at Mills, I’m half bald, have puberty-like break-outs and am beginning to wonder if sleep deprivation is a possible cause of death. But I absolutely love it. After getting over the initial butterflies and bewilderment of a new school, I’ve picked up the rhyme and rhythm of […]

Grad Notes: a family affair

Imagine Mills College surrounded by nothing but fields and scattered homes. No major metropolitan cities, no paved road ways, no transportation. There are less than a dozen buildings, under 500 students and you can’t just leave whenever you want. No, I’m not asking you to imagine Mills in the middle of an apocalypse. This was […]

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