PRESS RELEASED: Graduating Seniors

Rebekah Raymon, Design Editor When I came to Mills College, I was completely new to the Bay Area and California in general, but I was excited to be in a new place. I was just a kid, unsure of what I wanted in college and in life. From the Hellman program to being a club […]

Google machine learning pilot had a bumpy takeoff, only upwards from here

On Friday, April 26, the Google Machine Learning pilot program at Mills came to a close. Although the takeoff might have been rocky, the program promises less turbulence in the future. Last November, the Mills College newsletter announced a partnership with Google: Mills would host the first of Google’s Applied Machine Learning Intensives (AMLI) from […]

Book Review: “Hunger” satisfies a bittersweet appetite

Lan Samantha Chang’s book “Hunger” delivers her stories wrapped in words that whistle sideways through the air to cut to the core of your heart. They take you by surprise, startle and snatch your breath away, as they tell their rich and complex take on the human condition. o First published in 1998, “Hunger” is […]

Preventing waste increase can start with small steps

Each day, around the world, humans produce 3.5 million tons of garbage, according to the Washington Post. This number will continue to increase as populations and economies grow. According to the same article, each American throws away their own body weight in trash every month, which adds up to 1,500 pounds of trash a year, according to National Geographic. […]

IWA call for red dresses meant to raise awareness and honor the memory of Indigenous women

The Mills College Indigenous Women’s Alliance (IWA) is calling for donations of red dresses for an installation scheduled for early March all around campus.  The call by IWA for red dress donations is inspired by the REDress Project started by Winnipeg based artist Jaime Black to raise awareness of the disproportionately high numbers of missing […]

Harmful stereotypes about Asian American’s economic wealth fuels racism

Buying into the stereotypes of Asian American economic success feeds into and fuels justification for anti-Asian sentiment, sometimes leading to hate crimes, while simultaneously silencing the experiences of marginalized Asian American communities. As reported by the Pew Research Center in July 2018, income inequality by major racial group is the highest among Asian Americans and it is only […]

Highlighting Black-owned businesses in honor of Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and I wanted to take a moment to highlight figures who have built brands around their lives or who own businesses, both local and national. It is important to know that I don’t identify as Black. I identify as Asian American.  Blogger Lisa a la Mode has compiled 9 great lists of Black-owned businesses […]

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