Queer Arts Show organizers Alana Mendoza and Winter Smiley in Adams Plaza on Wednesday, February 28th.

Queer Arts Show organizers looking for venue and funding

Since fall semester of 2017, Mills students Alana Mendoza and Winter Smiley have been organizing an art show to hold space for queer artists and their work. Independent of any club or on-campus group, these first-years are hunting for potential venues outside of Mills and fundraising. When lack of sponsorship or club affiliation prevented them […]

DOLORES screening brings Dolores Huerta and Congresswoman Barbara Lee to campus

On Feb. 2, hundreds of people gathered at Littlefield Concert Hall to watch DOLORES, a documentary which focuses on the life of civil rights activist Dolores Huerta. When news of available seats in the concert hall reached the Student Union, the attendants who were to watch the film from a live-stream rushed across campus, some breaking […]

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