Sexpertise with Millie | Interracial lovin’

Millie talks about the beauty of cross-cultural relationships.

Sexpertise with Millie | On online dating

Millie talks about the pros and cons of online dating.

Sexpertise with Millie | I’m back

Millie is back with some sexpertise.

How to lose your virginity with style and safety

Hey Sexies, With Valentines Day behind us and the Vagina Monologues coming up Feb. 22-24, we thought we’d focus on the other big V: Virginity. Mills is filled with smart women, many of whom wonder when the best time to is to start having sex: you’re ready to start having sex when you’re ready to accept […]

Sexpertise with Millie: Millie’s back for the spring, just in time for Valentine’s Day

Hey Sexies, I’m Millie. Some of you missed me and the rest of you, I’m sure, are curious to know what it is I can do for you. As it turns out, your curiosity is what quenches my thirst for sharing my infinite knowledge about love, sex, health and relationships. I’m what is known as […]

Sexpertise with Millie: Where to find straight guys in a girl world

Hey Sexies, ‘Tis the season, my darlings, to heat things up with a hot and sexy straight guy. Don’t have one? I’ll tell you where to find some of the Bay Area’s finest. You already have the advantage of being a confident Mills woman, but nothing makes those men come running like a classic girls’ […]

Sexpertise with Millie: Best places for outdoor sex

Hey Sexies, “What are the best places to have sex on campus” -Anonymous Like lemonade on hot summer day, sex can be better experienced in the great outdoors. “Sex outside can awaken the senses,” According to Sex therapist Sandors Gordos, Ph.D. Feeling the breeze on your bare skin can be very erotic. The fear of […]

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