FAREWELL | Wishing on a shooting star

Editor in Chief Ari Nussbaum says her farewell to Mills.

Editors Dajanae Barrows, Emily Mibach and Ari Nussbaum discuss pronouns and identities in journalism. (Jen Mac Ramos)

STORIFY | Student journalists talk queer coverage

Three Campanil staff members held a session at ACP about how to cover the queer community on college campuses.

Editors Jen Mac Ramos, Ari Nussbaum, Emily Mibach and Fatima Sugapong represented The Campanil at the CCMA Awards. (Terrapin Frazier)

STORIFY | Mills College journalists take home five awards

The Campanil placed in four state-wide categories and one national category this year.

Erin Armstrong (above) is an activist who wishes to engage in dialogues with students about Trans issues. (Erin Armstrong)

‘I belong here’: Transgender women discuss experiences on campus

Students continue dialogue of transgender experiences on campus in regards to the first Transgender Day of Visibility week.

Mills community gathers to talk gender inclusivity

The Mills College community is still working to be more inclusive of transgender and gender fluid students nearly a year after officially admitting transgender students.

Editor in chief Ari Nussbaum has learned many things at acp already, and not even from panels!

ACP |That time I taught the leadership speaker about leadership

Editor-in-Chief Ari Nussbaum writes about her leadership role and what she learned at ACP Conference.

Campanil staff pack bags for national journalism conference

The Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) annual national conference will take place in Los Angeles from Feb. 26 to March 1.

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