Professor Cavallari was appreciated by both faculty and students. (Mills College)

Prof. Hector Mario Cavallari passes away after 30 years at Mills

Hector Mario Cavallari, professor and co-chair of the Spanish program, died Sunday, Oct. 27, according to the Dean of Students’ office.

Facebook has become an essential networking and social tool for its billions of users. (Courtesy of Flickr)

What do you do with a problem like Facebook?

Opinions Editor Annie Clark discusses the potential problems that come when people use Facebook.


From one sophomore to another: Fighting the slump

Opinions Editor Annie Clark talks about the sophomore slump and how she is handling it.

STAFF BLOG | Why you should watch “Jane the Virgin”

Opinions Editor Annie Clark recommends “Jane the Virgin” in this Staff Blog.

Kaepernick’s protest causes criticism

Opinions Editor Annie Clark talks about the criticism Colin Kaepernick was met with when he refused to rise during the national anthem.

Jill Stein announcing her candidacy in June of 2015. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

Staff Editorial: Going third party in the season of Trump

The Campanil staff discusses the option of voting third party this election.

What’s up with the anti-vaccination movement?

Opinions Editor Annie Clark talks about anti-vaccination movements in politics.

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