Mills College proposes a smoke and tobacco-free policy on-campus

On April 30, Mills College health services sent an email to students with a draft for a smoke and tobacco-free policy that would result in the prohibition of smoking on-campus. The department offered students a chance to offer comments and questions within 10 days of receiving the proposal. Slated to become effective on Aug. 1 […]

Meet photography student, Anise Aiello

Last year, Mills College introduced a Nancy Cook Travel fellowship that would give photography students the opportunity to apply for a monetary award to produce work that involved travel. One of the recipients was Mills undergraduate Anise Billye Aiello. Aiello’s proposed project consists of a book featuring photographs and interviews of over 100 women around […]

Protest mocks a student’s trans identity

Last week, a student was reportedly suspended from North Pole High School in North Pole, Alaska when she used “excessive force” on a boy who was a part of a group of boys blocking her from exiting the women’s bathroom. In actuality, the boys were staging a bogus “protest” by planning to march into the […]

Trump’s threat to close the U.S./Mexico border also threatens U.S. economy

In October of last year, President Donald Trump threatened to close the southern U.S./Mexico border when a large group, of mostly Hondurans, was reportedly making their way to the border in hopes of entering the United States. Once again, Trump has made these threats as the number of Central Americans entering the United States from […]

Psychological impacts of the herpes stigma

For many people, receiving a positive diagnosis for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) feels like the end of the world. Their dating and sex life suddenly feels impossible for fear of rejection when telling someone they carry the virus. Although herpes is treatable and is very common among people in the United States, those who have […]

Anti-cop lyrics are freedom of expression

Music is a way that humans have expressed themselves since the beginning of history. It is an aspect of culture and a melodic way to communicate. Hip-hop and rap music has become extremely popular and mainstream, but pioneers within this genre have not always been appreciated. N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) was a hip hop group […]

A mural of Jose Antonio Rodríguez sits in front of the border fence.

Studying La Frontera Part 3: Victims of border patrol

This article is the third part to a series about the immersive experience of the Mills students who traveled along the Arizona/Sonora border and the real issues that the families and children within these communities face. The writer of this piece was also involved in the trip and while opinions shared throughout the series may not […]

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