Pending graduation causes feelings of excitement, nervousness

With graduation less than two weeks away, many seniors are feeling a mixture of excitement, sadness and anxiety as thoughts of the pending future.

Laurel District mural project inspires Mills graduates

Mills alumnas take part in a public art project for the Laurel District.

Roe or no Roe: reproductive rights will remain the same

Assistant News Editor Allie Greenman discusses the effect that abolishing Roe v. Wade will have on reproductive rights

VIDEO | Senior Paint Day

Seniors gather for Senior Paint Day at Adam’s Plaza.

Strike Q & A: Professor John Harris

An interview with biology professor John Harris, who was not only active in supporting students during the 1990 Strike, but was also chosen by the senior class of 1990 to hand out diplomas instead of President Mary Metz.

Behind the Front Lines: Faculty Perspective on the Mills Strike

Even though the faculty met to cast their vote on whether or not Mills should remain all women at the undergraduate level, professors knew the decision was not really theirs to make.

VIDEO | 2010 Senior Auction

On March 17, Mills College’s senior class hosted an auction in an effort to raise funds for their class gift.

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