Alwz Greene has studied yoga for over a decade. Through yoga, she balances joy and grief. (Courtesy of Alex Greene)

Exploring celebration through yoga

Staff columnist Alex Greene gives some insight on celebrating life with yoga in her own life and for others.

Practicing these three yoga poses can help reduce stress and calm the nervous system. (Dani Toriumi)

Building a foundation in yoga

Alexandra Greene explains the importance and how to have a strong Yoga foundation.


Beginning with grounding: Breathing techniques

Staff columnist Ali Greene talks about different breathing techniques for yoga.

(Photo courtesy of Ali Greene-Deutsch) Ali-Greene-Deutsch has practiced yoga for over a decade, and brings her experience to her column in The Campanil.

Meet Ali Greene-Deutsch, yoga instructor

Ali Greene-Deutsch has over a decade of experience practicing yoga, and now brings her knowledge to The Campanil.

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