Americans must stand with Haiti against U.S. hegemony

Haiti, the world’s oldest black republic and South Africa, Africa’s youngest democracy, are planning a joint celebration of their momentous anniversaries next year. On Jan. 1, 2004, Haiti will celebrate its 200-year independence, which freed the tiny island from the claws of the French. April 2004 will yield ten years of the end of Apartheid […]

Women of color unite

Mills College Weekly Following the success of securing the Solidarity Lounge, the women of color community convened for the annual Women of Color Summit on October 18 to revisit past goals and formulate new objectives centered on recruitment and retention of women of color. “This was a great opportunity to come together with other women […]

Unearthing the truth: African-Americans call for reparations

Even though the U.S. government refuses to formally recognize the injustice of 400 years of African enslavement through the payment of reparations to the descendents of enslaved Africans, the remnants of slavery linger in the final reburial of 400 enslaved and freed Africans in New York. Oct. 4 was a historic and moving day for […]

‘Effects” seeks to empower women

Mills College Weekly As choreographer/director and founder of Zari Le’on Dance Theater, Lionudakis does care, and she has a lot to be nervous about. Her upcoming show, “To Effect, Create and Quake Energy” premieres on September 19th and 20th in Lisser Hall. A work in progress since February, Lionudakis says, “the show is in response […]

Roe V. Wade under attack

On March 13, Congress moved one step closer toward ending its eighth year struggle over legislation to ban partial birth abortion when the senate voted 62 -33 in favor of the law. Now pro-choice proponents await the House’s decision due out after Easter break-which last year approved the ban by a nearly two-to-one margin. Many […]

Women of color leaving

Graduate student Jennifer Ortiz is on a mission to get the administrations attention. Two weeks ago she began gathering anecdotal statements about women of color’s feelings of invisibility on campus to present to administration in hopes these issues can be addressed. According to Ortiz the majority of women of color feel that there is a […]

Levi’s and the T-shirt coined California’s fashion

Mills College Weekly The Oakland museum bustled with energy on Sunday as visitors flocked to view more than over a 100 articles of clothing and accessories displaying the eclectic and dynamic m‚lange of fashion that can only be classified as Californian. From 1930s Hollywood glamour gowns to the non-conformist dress of the hippies residing in […]

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