Esteemed women’s advocate, ‘Woman of the Year’ adjusts to life as a freshwoman

Courtesy San Francisco Observer The last thing entering freshwoman Lateefah Simon will tell you about herself is that she has won the prestigious “genius” award or that she is San Francisco's “Woman of the Year.” The petite 29-year-old with thick hipster-chic glasses and long black braids is more likely to talk about the great guy […]

Students weigh in on intelligent design debate

A national debate on the teaching of evolution in public classrooms has erupted over a community turned upside down by a trial still pending and a recent landmark school board decision, igniting passionate responses from “intelligent design” supporters and those who say the idea is creationism masked by scientific language. On campus, Mills students also […]

Dia de Los Muertos Altar Honors Katrina’s Victims

Photo by Kamau Amen Ra. Artist Tiffany Sankary hadn't planned to build two different altars for Oakland's Dia de los Muertos Festival but when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans she knew she had to do something. Although she had already been in the planning stages of constructing an altar honoring parents, she set to work […]

Mother, writer, award-winning ‘Person to Watch’ makes Mills home

Photo by The Weekly Elmaz Abinader and Cornelia Nixon looked at each other in knowing confidence while sitting in a classroom in Mills Hall last winter. They had found Mills' newest creative writing professor. The English department head and the chair of the hiring committee watched awe-struck as Yiyun Li, a young, vibrant, creative writing […]

Kittens Find Caretakers on Campus

Graduate student Jill Seymore was working on a computer in the CPM building last Monday when she became distracted by a strange call from what she thought was a bird outside the window. When the call grew increasingly distressed, Seymore, an animal lover, went outside to investigate. To her surprise, the relentless noise wasn’t coming […]

Boyshorts vs. thongs

Thongs have been firmly embedded into mainstream culture – and women's rear ends – since they made their debut on stripper's bodies in topless clubs across America in the early '80s. But today's women are growing weary of the barely-there thong in favor of a much more conservative and comfortable undergarment: the boyshort. Boyshorts are […]

Meredith May Wins Award

Vanessa Marlin Mills alumna and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Meredith May has received a variety of prestigious awards and recognition for her exceptional work as a journalist. The Oakland resident was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for outstanding journalism for her series entitled Operation Lion Heart about a 9-year-old boy who was flown with his […]

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