SuicideGirls’ burlesque show meant to empower

Courtesy of SuicideGirls Nearly frothing at the mouth and barking their love for “boobies,” hundreds of fans were transfixed by the colorfully inked and creatively pierced dancers. Onstage sniffing a powdery white substance from makeup cases, fingernails and a shining silver platter, the women became giddy and reckless, manically peeling off their clothes to reveal […]

Exhibitionists, voyeurs, and fetishists ‘Make Love, Not War’ at the 26th Annual SF Exotic Erotic Ball

Elizabeth F. Clayton A sign reading “No Nudity” is somehow shocking amid the mass of bare body parts in various forms of display-hanging out, propped up, tied up or ornamented with body paint. “Within an hour here, nothing surprises you,” says 25-year-old Chris Perez, whose bare chest is ornamented with two tattoos of hearts-one reading […]

Sri Lanka native M.I.A. performs in S.F

Courtesy of The tropical, Dayglo colored stencils of grenades, missiles and machine guns set the stage for M.I.A.’s performance before a crowd hungry for her playful political verbal flows at the Grand Ballroom at Regency Center on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Born in Sri Lanka, and having moved around from India to London during her […]

Frank Miller’s Sin City Comic Series Comes to Life on the Big Screen

With their bee-stung lips and doe-eyes, the busty vamps of Frank Miller’s Sin City pander to the hungry hearts of 13-year-old boys everywhere. The comic is a fast-food fix for their hormonally charged teenage desires. Does it come as much of a surprise then that sex and violence are paired side by side? Everything is […]

Abortion Remains Challenge for Feminists

Tracy Clark-Flory No topic has remained a more central concern to feminism over the decades than abortion. But despite feminists typically being represented as pro-choice, the movement itself began with such seminal figures as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton decrying abortion and instead emphasizing the importance of birth control. Even with the push […]

Lipstick Jihad Exposes a Different Kind of Revolution

Tracy Clark-Flory Vibrant pink and turquoise clothing, lipstick, fussed-over hair, and exposed flesh: hardly the stuff of a revolution. But the firearms, Molotov cocktails and crude weaponry more typically associated with a revolution do not drive the transformation that Azadeh Moaveni writes of in Lipstick Jihad. She describes an underground and gradual movement among young […]

Why Women Choose a Women’s College

Peggy Skorpinski Editor’s Note: The Weekly continues its series of articles exploring the issues surrounding feminism today.   While students at women’s colleges are often stereotyped as man-hating, militant lesbians, their reasons for choosing against a co-ed environment can’t be so easily labeled. For many, Mills is a sanctuary where they can escape stereotypes and […]

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