Mills doean’t prepare students

I went to college for two reasons: to get a well paying job and learn how to write. Lately I have been left in the lurch with one of those dreams. Where is my well paying job? A college degree is supposed to take you places, make way for bigger and better things, but all […]

Scorpion King a ‘B’ movie

The new generation of the B movie is back, with a vengeance. “The Scorpion King” is full of action packed one liners and scantily clothed women. You will find the typical villain, the sexy sorceresse, and the goofy sidekick, and a pointless plot. What more can a B movie fan ask for? The answer is […]

Senior Art blends genres

The art department’s eighteen seniors created quite an exhibit to show their four years of hard work. The exhibition, which will be up for the next two weeks, consists of over twenty pieces that provide a perfect picture of how diverse the department has become. Works ranging from photography to mixed media are scattered along […]

Women’s college’s ‘diversity’ is sexism

Our newspaper has an article today on Mills College, titled “Women’s College Roars”. How impressive, loud women. Like Maxine Waters. The article states that there are 70 women’s colleges, but only 3 men’s. How very unbalanced of women. How very sexist. “Diversity” is one of countless liberal mantras. Diversity is wonderful, except at women’s colleges. […]

Campus lacking dialogue

When I first came to Mills I was a communications major. Well, we all know what happened to that department. My sophomore year I took some drama classes, was in a play, and caught the acting bug. I first thought the crisis in the theatre department was brought about because I’m cursed, but I realized […]

Budget shifts undercut Mills’ stated goals

With the elimination of the liberal arts graduate program and the dramatic arts and media studies major, as well as the reduction of the drama department’s budget, the college’s future is straying far from its purpose and purpose. The effects will be detrimental. For the first 150 years the college was promoted as a liberal […]

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