Beloved Cross-Country coach to leave Mills

Photo courtesy of Megan Miller Head cross-country coach Sharon Chiong, who is finishing her ninth year of coaching at Mills, will be leaving the school at the end of May. She was chosen as the Cal-Pac Coach of the Year in 1999 and 2001-05 by a vote of Cal-Pac coaches each year. “She has been […]

Students Strapped with increasing debt

America's young people are having a harder and harder time getting ahead in today's society, and according to author Tamara Draut, it's not their fault. Draut's controversial first work published in January, Strapped effectively frames the new challenges facing young people with compelling statistics and a dozen narratives by 20- and 30-somethings. According to Draut, […]

Lunchtime lecture on global warming fires up students

Our earth is getting warmer, and the key to learning more about this is studying climates of the past to envision the future. This was the idea proposed by Dr. Linda Anderson, a paleogeologist from University of California Santa Cruz, last Thursday at a lunchtime lecture on global warming. Anderson researches the relationship between oceanic […]

Immigration legislation sparks national protest

Courtesy The political debate over immigration in America took center stage last week as two million immigrants and their supporters rallied throughout the nation in response to recent attempts to take legal action in Congress. What began as an organizational meeting two months ago has now become a nationwide movement involving unions, businesses, churches, […]

Feeling SAD? Wet weather may be the reason

By Meryl Stebel This year's rainy season is expected to stretch through the next two weeks according to weather forecasters, continuing March's wet weather pattern into April. People at Mills and around the Bay Area are noticing the effects of this record-breaking stretch of bad weather on their mood. “I'm just getting sick of it,” […]

‘The biggest races I’ve ever competed in’

Photo by Sophia Tuttle 3/1 Somehow I managed to get out of bed today at 3 a.m. to make it to the airport on time. I think I've been surviving on caffeine and adrenaline alone today, which is not a good thing considering the biggest races I've ever competed in are coming up in the […]

Low turnout may affect athlete performance

Cyclone athletes receive relatively little support from their fellow students, which may or may not affect their success in athletic competitions. The athletics department has a high participation rate among undergraduates; nearly one in seven is a student-athlete. “I think it's obnoxious that people complain about Mills and the lack of community here when sports […]

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