The Real World/Road Rules Casting 2004

As viewers follow the story of the cast members of the “Real World: Paris” and “Road Rules: South Pacific”, producers at MTV are getting ready to plan seasons 15 and 13 of Real World and Road Rules, respectively. The Bunim/Murray casting department is looking to find new cast members here in the Bay Area, holding […]

Students travel to Japan to participate in annual conference

Two Mills students have been chosen to participate in the 55th Annual Japan-America Student Conference which will be held in Japan. Seniors Leah Mullen and Jill Kunishima were accepted earlier this month and will be going to Japan visiting Tokyo, Okinawa, Fukui and Kyoto between July 22 and August 21. This 30-day conference is an […]

Perez new president

LeAnna Perez was announced as ASMC president on Monday. Perez says she has been both overwhelmed and thrilled to be taking on this position in student government. “I feel excited and honored I was elected president. I can’t believe it,” said Perez. Perez also said that this election has resulted in her getting a lot […]

Hands around the lake

Mills College Weekly Hands Around Lake Merritt, a peace vigil held on April 4th, drew hundreds of people to the lake in an effort to provide a powerful display of community and solidarity. The event was organized as part of the Season For Nonviolence Oakland, a group of local churches and organizations, whose purpose is […]

Homeland Security program endangers foreign students

Hundreds of immigrants have been arrested all over the United States over the course of the year because of the implementation of “special registration programs.” These programs were a product of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and required all males over the age of 16, from countries including Iraq, Iran, Libya and Sudan, to […]

City wide protests shuts down S.F.

Thousands of protesters gathered on the streets on San Francisco on Thursday as part of an effort to shut the city down and bring activity to a stand still through protests and acts of civil disobedience. This was one of numerous protests taking place around the country and the world the day following the United […]

Famous poet speaks at Mills

Jewelle Gomez read poetry and fiction from her acclaimed novel “The Gilda Stories” last Thursday. “Here and Queer,” a series of literary readings by local queer writers of color, is part of an ongoing effort of the ethnic studies department to bring accomplished and diverse artists from the Bay Area to Mills. Gomez tackled various […]

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