The JazzSchool Thrives in the Berkeley Arts District

Mills College Weekly When Susan Muscarella dug into her own pocket, eight years ago, to invest in a school that would educate students about the practice and theories of jazz, she had complete confidence that a few people would be interested. Little did she know that her school for jazz studies would become a hot […]

In the Spotlight: Maggi Payne Professor of Electronic Arts, in the Music Department

Mills College Weekly Maggi Payne never thought she couldn’t do work in the field of electronic arts, as a woman, “It never occurred to me that I could or should not compose music or become a recording engineer.” Today, in the world of electronic arts, there are a modest number of women producing works. However, […]

Meredith Monk performs at Mills

Mills College Weekly Interdisciplinary composer Meredith Monk was born in 1942 and grew up in the Tri-State area of New York and Connecticut. At an early age, she began singing, dancing, and playing the piano. After attending Sarah Lawrence College, in NY, she began work as a composer of pieces that integrated several artistic layers […]

From Planet Z to Mills College

Mills College Weekly Annie Gosfield is the Darius Milhaud Composer-in-Residence for Fall 2003. Based out of New York City, she has two solo releases: “Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery” and “Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires,” both on the Tzadik label. “EWA7,” a piece on “Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery,” integrates the sounds of machinery and […]

Mills Alums bring recognized works to museum

It is more often that works from the collection of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson visit the Mills College Art Museum than the Andersons themselves. However, the Andersons (who also go by “Hunk” and “Moo”) made a notable appearance at the museum for the gallery opening on Oct. 28 celebrating the works of two […]

Roger Kleier makes right with musical wrongs

The concept of a wrong sound or bad chord has always fascinated Roger Kleier. Partially, for its potential as an unusual and promisingly uncomfortable addition to any of his compositions: “Mistakes and wrongness have a lot to do with my aesthetic…I was just always one of those people that was fascinated with the wrong notes […]

Gamelan ensemble brings Indonesian music into the Mills community

In Indonesia, gamelan ensembles perform in conjunction with religious ceremonies. Ideas for compositions come from religious figures and activities, and then are played by large groups of musicians for villagers and sometimes for tourists. On Sept. 19, the Mills Gamelan Ensemble performed for a slightly different audience: alumni, students, parents, and faculty who attended Convocation. […]

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