Sharpton tells it like it is

Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton has not won any primaries so far, but he maintains that his campaign for the Presidency is about more than just winning. “It’s about redeeming the soul of this party,” he said during an appearance at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. While most political observers give Sharpton, who was ordained […]

Miracle is a movie made of godly proportions

I can say right off that I am not a sports aficionado-I hate sports. I hate watching them on TV; I hate listening to people talk sports; I hate video games based on a certain sport; and I really hate how some relatively normal people turn into senseless fist-pumping maniacs at the name of their […]

Triplettes is triple the fun for viewers

Mills College Weekly Les Triplettes de Belleville, an animated film by French director Sylvain Chomet, is definitely different than anything else you’ve likely seen-in fact, I’m not really sure how to describe it. What I can best say is that if you are in the mood for a different kind of film, and tired of […]

Victory for Kerry

Mills College Weekly Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is currently in the spotlight after what many saw as a surprise victory in the Iowa caucuses. Kerry, who has been a senator in Massachusetts since 1984, finished first, while the expected front-runner Howard Dean, finished in third place. California’s primaries will be on March 2, and […]

Aggressive bobcat sighting at Mills

Mills College Weekly A large, reportedly aggressive cat was seen last week on campus near the Underwood apartments and Richard’s Gate parking lot.   Public Safety reported that a woman driving in her car last Wednesday near the Underwood apartments stopped to get out, but noticed a cat, described as being tan with dark spots, […]

How I learned to free my mind

Mills College Weekly Getting the mind to quiet down is tough. We at Mills are plagued with papers, exams, deadlines, readings…stress is inarguably a huge factor in the life of any student. With midterms upon us, now is a prime opportunity to learn the art of relaxation. The Nyingma Institute in Berkeley offers a way […]

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