PODCAST | Derby Girls

Picture the toughest woman you know. Now picture her in a mini-skirt, fishnets, kneepads and roller skates. Imagine twenty women just like her slamming into each other as they skate around a roller rink, and you’ve got a typical Roller Derby match.

Members of the Repertory Company practicing on Nov. 2. (Rashida Harmon)

Mills Repertory Dance Company leaps into a new production

On a sunny Monday afternoon, the Mills College Repertory Dance Company is hard at work — and they’ve got the sore muscles to prove it. Their Haas rehearsal room is thick with the smell of soothing muscle balm and Ace bandages peek out from several duffel bags.

Belanger, with her parrot in Sunnyside Cemetary, in front of Cyrus Mills' grave. (Rashida Harmon)

Century old campus home to intriguing hauntings

Imagine it’s a cold, gray night. The moon has cast a pale glow on the tree-lined paths of the Mills College campus, and you’re walking alone. As you walk, you go over the events of the day: that midterm you aced, the homework you didn’t do, your cute new crush.

Green Day—the Grammy Award-winning band comprised of (l to r) Tré Cool, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt. (Phil Mucci)

American Idiot blasts from your iPod to the stage

The rock opera got a punk-and-plaid makeover with the Sept. 16 premiere of American Idiot, a rowdy new musical based on Oakland pop-punk group Green Day’s 2004 album of the same name.

Adiele with her Advanced Fiction Workshop students. (Rashida Harmon)

Latest visiting writer brings storied life to the classroom

Faith Adiele must be a blast at dinner parties. From her time spent as a Buddhist nun in Thailand to her televised reunion with her father and siblings in Nigeria, the new Mills Distinguished Visiting Writer certainly doesn’t lack impressive stories—nor does she lack the talent to tell them.

Joi Lewis gives Muse a plant and a smile. (Jennifer Courtney)

Beloved icon Daphne Muse leaves Mills College

On Aug. 28, members of the Mills community gathered in the Mills Hall living room to celebrate Daphne Muse, professor and director of the now-canceled Women’s Leadership Institute, whose many titles throughout her life have included writer, educator, social commentator and civil rights activist.

Discover creative solutions to high priced textbooks

New classes inevitably bring new expenses, and soon students will begin to shuffle into the Mills bookstore with their syllabi in hand, hopeful there are still some used copies left of the books they need. The high price of textbooks has become the norm at colleges across the nation with individual titles costing as much […]

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