Letters from Abroad: Macaroons, baguettes and pastries, oh my!

Contributing writer Rachel Draznin-Nagy introduces readers to her favorite pastries in France.

Fans creating fans: Bay Area band on the way to fame

Local band Fans of Jimmy Century steadily makes fans of its own.

Mehta in her office in Mills Hall. (Alixandra Greenman)

A life’s pursuit

French Professor Brinda Mehta studies issues of identity and post-colonial feminism with passion.

Economics club makes fundraising as easy as pie

As their final fundraiser for the semester, the Economics Club advertised “Pie Your Professor” at Spring Fling on Apr. 13. Thirteen professors had designated jars with pictures of themselves displayed on the front for students to vote on with their petty cash.

States’ same-sex marriage laws set precedent

In the past few weeks, both Iowa and Vermont legalized same-sex marriage in moves that may impact California’s efforts to do the same.

The state legislature in Vermont was the first to legalize same-sex marriage within the legislative system when they overturned a veto from the governor.

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