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Posts published by “Pon Thoummavong”

High ranking universities aim to aid the middle class

This February, Stanford University joined several high ranking Ivy League universities in waiving tuition for families whose incomes fall within the middle-class and upper-middle-class brackets. Members of the Mills College community have said that the decision is a big step toward increasing education accessibility.

91-year-old resumer soars to finish college at Mills

When she was born in 1915, the great battles of World War I were raging in Europe. In America, the first bricks of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC were being laid. She endured the Great Depression of the 1930s and lived through yet another world war: World War II.

Big feminist on campus

Feminist icon and author Gloria Steinem received a standing ovation from Mills women for tackling political and sexual issues during a speech she gave in the Mills Concert Hall on March 15. Being the co-founder of Ms. Magazine, one of the first magazines to specifically address women's issues, Steinem spoke about the acts of everyday rebellion any woman could do to enact change as well as gender stereotypes.


Some of you may labor under a misconception that we sit in a smoky newsroom with blinds drawn and doors closed, cackling into our hands and printing letters carefully selected to demean the College as much as possible.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. First of all, smoking is not allowed indoors. Second, we print what we receive.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mills Community,
I am going to try to open the eyes of those who are being misled by information they are hearing and reading from other students. I was very disappointed to read the editorial section of last week's The Weekly to find out that another member of our community is making us all look like spoiled little brats with nothing better to do than complain about what they think are the shortcomings of Mills College. To those students, grow up and get a life. This is college, not kindergarten. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions

Darfur conflict sparks discussion in public policy course

Congresswomen Barbara Lee led a class discussion on Feb. 17 about the struggle in the Darfur region of Sudan. The Mills course Real Policy, Real Politics, taught by Lee and Delaine Eastin, the former California state superintendent of public instruction, covers current topics, particularly issues set before Congress.

Mother follows daughter’s footsteps across graduation stage

When Kendra Van Cleave graduated from Mills College in 1996 with a degree in history, neither she nor her proud mother, Loraine Downer, sitting in the audience would have guessed that in a few short years her mother would also be walking across the same stage participating in her own Mills graduation ceremony.