Club vs. Staff

Mills College Weekly Mills staff members took their turn against the basketball club on Friday, March 26. The two teams demonstrated excellence on both sides of the court, and combined for a high-scoring, high-action game. Central Systems staff member Patrick Bennett scored 12 points for the team, and left a little bit of skin on […]

Spring competition no break for Cyclone Tennis

Mills College Weekly After dealing with more than three weeks of bad weather and cancelled matches, the Mills tennis team finally had a chance to play. As the rain ended, the team headed west to Hawaii for spring break, and a series of matches against some NCAA Division II teams. The Cyclones wound up with […]

Henry V turns tables on Shakespeare

Mills College Weekly Mills is fast approaching the end of an era. As the class of 2004 tosses their Oxford caps in jubilation in May, a mark of sadness will be noted within those who are among the last of the theater majors. One such student, Olivia Mora, chose to leave an indelible mark in […]

Cyclone of the Week – Mother Nature

Mills College Weekly After a week of beautiful, sunny weather, Mother Nature pulled a switch on the Bay Area and turned us into something more resembling the British Isles than “sunny California.” As a result, scheduled tennis matches were delayed, postponed or cancelled. And since tennis is currently the only active sport for Mills, the […]

Alumnae return to Haas Pavillion for club hoops game

Mills College Weekly After a shaky and low-scoring start, the Mills undergrads fought the good fight in the second half of the Alumnae-Undergraduate basketball game Friday night, but still wound up losing to the older team 42-58. Leading scorers for the alumnae were Kara McCafferty (12 pts.) and Mills volleyball coach Marla Mundis (8 pts.). […]

Clare Dalton brings life to Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”

Mills College Weekly To a casual observer, being an esteemed professor of law at a highly regarded east coast university might be satisfying enough. Surely taking that educational background and using it to create an institute that strives not only to end domestic violence, but to, in the meantime, support its victims would occupy more […]

Mills tennis season begins, rainy weather cancels most matches

Mills College Weekly The Cyclone tennis season is well underway, although Mother Nature seems to be doing her part to cause delays. The first home match of the season was postponed because of rain, but the Cyclones whipped up their own storm when they faced Diablo Valley College later on in the week. That match, […]

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