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Posts published by “Maxamaris Hoppe”

Max is the former Assistant Online Editor for The Campanil. She graduated with an English major and history minor in May 2010. Interact with her on twitter @maxamaris.

A bolt of energy

It's 3 a.m. You're writing an essay. Just like last night. Some time between now and your 11 a.m. class, you need to study for the midterm. It's been days since you've seen your girlfriend, longer since you've seen your pillow. Where's your toothbrush? It's midterms-finals-extra credit time again and you don't care.

ASMC seeks bus passes for students

The Associated Students of Mills College recently voted to begin the process of securing bus passes for the student body.

Katie Johnson, senior and ASMC Sustainability Senator, is a driving force in the project to get optional semester passes for use on the AC Transit bus system.

Mills Players confront rape, torture in new production

You've seen the intriguing black posters around campus. "How far would you go to find the truth?" they ask, followed by a place: Lisser, and a date: Nov. 13, 2008. These are
the teasers for the Mills Player's Fall show Extremities, a play by William Mastrosimone, first performed on Broadway in 1982.

From clothing of war to paper of peace

"Who is at fault for the war in Iraq? Would anyone like to take credit?"

This was the first question asked at Combat Paper/Warrior Writers, this year's third event for the Contemporary Writer's Series. It was held on Oct. 14, first in Lisser Hall, full with the Mills community, then continued in the Heller book room for conversation with the artists and sale of original pieces.

New push to phase out trays

Mills College Earth CORPS is driving the campaign to phase out the use of trays at Founders Commons dining hall.

The plan has support from Mills College Dining Services and Bon Appétit, which is making efforts toward sustainability. The use of trays highly contributes to food and water waste.

Michael Beller star of Mills library staff

It was junior Chai Bolte's first shift at the Mills library reference desk. Michael Beller, reference and access services librarian, said to her, "You're going to be great. If you need anything, I'm in that office." She remembered that he pointed and then gave her a high-five, low-five, and a fist-bump.

Dorm Room Revamping

So you've been assigned a dorm room. Don't worry! It could be much worse: you don't have a roommate unless you practically begged for one. Yes, your room has a sterile, institutional feel and might be the size of your neighbor's closet, but you can make this work.