NY Times puts Mills College on the map

Last month, The New York Times listed Mills as one of its “20 Most Overlooked Colleges” in the United States. Mills joined the ranks of such prestigious, though according to the article unnoticed, schools as Whitman College in Washington, Kalamazoo College in Michigan and Santa Clara University. Mills was the only single-sex institution on the […]

Oakland’s mayoral race heats up as June 6 primary approaches

As the June 6 primary approaches, Oakland mayoral candidates have stepped up their games and are preparing for the last leg of their respective campaigns. Last week, the major candidates used a made-for-cable-TV debate to outline their platforms and display their personalities to Oakland's voters. The Oakland mayoral election has faced much controversy as of […]


To the Mills Community, On Monday March 27, our first day back from Spring Break, my car was keyed while parked in the Warren Olney parking lot. This act of vandalism occurred during my eleven o'clock class, not exactly a common time for crime. I was appalled to return to my car and see a […]

Feminist Fashionistas

Graphic by Malinda Groening At one point in her lifetime, every woman has asked herself, “What should I wear today?” The answer to this question is influenced by a number of things, especially contemporary feminist thought, body types and individual style. Fashion has been a contentious topic among feminists who feel that the male-dominated fashion […]

Chile elects first woman president

Courtesy Wikipedia.org Last weekend, Chile inaugurated its first woman president, 57-year-old former torture victim of the Pinochet regime, Veronica Michelle Bachelet. With this victory, Bachelet became one of only 23 female heads of state and government in the world, according to www. guide2womenleaders.com. “Who would have said, 10, 15 years ago that a woman would […]

Mills highlights Women in Politics through series of discussions

Courtesy www.ronniecaplane.com During the second of a three-part series titled “Women in Politics, candidate for State Assembly Ronnie Caplane discussed the importance of women running for office. Caplane urged every student present to run for office in the future. Caplane began the discussion by asking everyone at the table why they were interested in politics. […]

‘Sadie’ debuts at Lisser

Photo by Lisa Johansen On Feb. 9, the Mills Black Women's Collective hosted Mills alumna Ophelia Stringer's original theatrical performance, 7 Sides of Sadie. The show addressed a number of issues in the United States that affect everyone, but women in particular. The performance dealt with issues of sexuality, war, poverty and race. It alternated […]

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