‘Hella’ praise for Mills

One hundred forty-seven. That’s how many days it’s been since the grounds of Mills College have blessed my weary feet. As a domestic exchange student from Simmons College in Boston, Mass., I had the chance to meet a glut of incredible women and have numerous phenomenal experiences last semester. Upon my return to Beantown, my […]

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Despite increased security and regulations, this year’s Fetish Ball went off without a hitch, according to students and coordinators. Although revelers had to adjust to the new changes, it didn’t stop them from dancing until 2 a.m. Bare-breasted babes and satin-sporting sasses presented student I.D.s and sauntered past Public Safety officers Friday night. Dashiki-sporting lads […]

Profile: Visiting English Professor Kate Brubeck

Mills College Weekly With one denimed knee tucked tightly under her chin, wisps of chestnut hair slightly contained, and an eager smile, English lecturer Kate Brubeck welcomes all into her articulate and dynamic world. Brubeck often bops into the classroom, whether dressed in blue jeans and blouse or polka-dotted dress and cowboy boots, ready to […]

Break-in and Major Theft at Ethel Moore

Mills College Weekly A room in Ethel Moore was broken into and roughly $1,000 worth of belongings were stolen on Thursday, March 24, 2005. Junior Lizzy Schwartz was eating dinner at Founders when the theft took place. She returned to find her window screen pried open and her new iPod MP3 player and over 30 […]

Foster to Retire

Mills College Weekly After coming to know students, faculty, and staff by name, face, and P.O. Box number, Sheila Foster is retiring from her job at the Mills Post Office. Foster, a postal worker for 35 years, has been at Mills for five years and said, “It’s time to go.” Foster is looking forward to […]

Same-sex marriage legal in San Francisco

San Francisco’s 28-year law prohibiting gay marriage was broken by one of the city’s judges, Richard Kramer on Monday, March 14.According to the rights granted by the California Constitution, Kramer decided that the law against same-sex marriage was unconstitutional because it defiled a “basic human right to marry a person of one’s choice,” and it […]

Harvard faculty votes no confidence in president

The faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University voted no-confidence against the president Lawrence Summers with a vote of 218-185, according to an AP report. In February, Summers suggested that gender might play a role in math and science ability. Summers has been trying to rebuild the confidence of his faculty, though the college’s […]

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