Layoff notices sent out

Some faculty on short-term contracts received notice that they would be laid off at the end of next semester. President Janet Holmgren confirmed that the notices were sent. She said the notices were sent to alert professors of the “potential that we would not be able to renew” their contracts for the fall semester because […]

Endowment and revenues fell for two years

According to the Mills annual financial report and the college’s tax return from last year, the endowment has been losing value for at least the past two years. The endowment is made up of donations given to the college and is invested. Between May 2000 and May 2001 Mills’ net assets dropped about $1 million, […]

Handbook rules provide lay off notice guidelines

According to the faculty handbook, professors can only be laid off if the college declares that there is a “financial emergency” and contract lecturers must receive six months notice before being let go. Under the terms of the non-binding contract, a financial emergency must be announced college-wide by the board of trustees and may only […]

Senior applies academic education to real life

If the gods of the academic standing committee see fit to approve my numerous petitions, I will graduate, on time, this semester. Before I pick up a brown paper bag, either to hyperventilate into or drink out of-I am not sure which yet, I’d like to share what I’ve learned at Mills. Cognitive dissidence: What […]

Cuts impact jobs

Faculty and staff on short-term contracts will likely be the victims of cut backs as the college struggles to deal with a $2 million shortfall. Details for a plan have not been worked out, but acting provost and dean of faculty John Brabson said, “When people’s contracts come up we may not renew them.” The […]

Voters pass most measures

Most of the propositions squeaked into law with narrow margins of victory in Tuesday’s general elections. Here’s how voters decided on some of the propositions. Emergency Housing This proposition will create a housing trust fund through a state bonds sale worth more than $2 billion. With 70 percent of the ballots counted, the measures supporters […]

NATO’s future discussed

Visiting members of NATO’s Supreme Allied Command discussed the security organization’s history and current role last week in Fred Lawson’s government 17 class. Herman Jett, a U.S. airforce officer currently servicing at NATO’s Norfolk, Va, headquarters and part of a two person speaking tour, fielded questions about the possibility of NATO involvement in a war […]

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