Corine Wagner Discusses Fate of Iraqi Museum

Corine Wegener, army reservist of 20 years and assistant curator for the Department of Architecture, Design, Decorative Arts, Craft, and Sculpture for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, discussed the mission she was recently given in Iraq – to preserve the thousand years old art from Mesopotamia that was in the Iraq Museum after it was […]

Profile: Jessica Bartholow

Mills College Weekly During a team ride to an away game for the Mills Volleyball team in the early nineties, Jessica Bartholow realized just how wide the class gap can be. She heard her teammates talk about how hard it was to believe that there were people who made less annual income than the price […]

Writer’s Harvest Breaks Record

For the fifth year in a row, the Mills English Department, A Place For Writers, English graduate students, English undergrads, and the Alameda County Food Bank have been completely responsible for fundraising for the Writer’s Harvest without its sponsor organization Share Our Strength. Share Our Strength was the organization that founded the Writer’s Harvest 11 […]

Five Third Party Candidates on the Ballot

Amidst all the coverage of the Republican and Democratic Party candidates, it’s easy to forget that there are many other parties on the ballot, but the Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Peace and Freedom, and Reform parties will all have candidates on the Nov. 2 California ballot. Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik is on the ballot in 48 […]

New Families Settle in Underwood

Mills College Weekly Ted Hsu has all of the makings of a professional. He was educated at Queen’s University in Canada and received his PhD in physics at Princeton University. He spent five years doing post-doctorate research at many prestigious universities and even spent many years working in finance in Japan. Hsu is now working […]

ASMC Presidential Position Filled

Christina Kwong After a delay since last spring to elect an ASMC president, Mills finally has not one, but two presidents this academic year: junior Gloria Espinosa and senior Erika Rickard. Many students said they found the election confusing and were unclear on the candidates’ platforms and what role the ASMC president plays. Out of […]

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