Importance of hosting prospective students

Kelsey Lindquist describes her experience hosting prospective students

Disbelief over murder suspect Melissa Huckaby

When I picked up a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle the other day, my eye was immediately drawn to her.

Staring back up at me from her mug shot at the top of the front page was the young woman with a wan face, curly brown hair and sad blue eyes who has been all over the news for the past two weeks: none other than the notorious Melissa Huckaby.

Student balances classes and a child

When freshwoman Heather Jones answers the door to her unit in the Underwood Apartments, it is immediately obvious that she is not the only one who lives there. Squashy stuffed animals and colorful plastic toys are scattered across the floor and a baby’s car carrier sits unoccupied in the center of the room.

Message from Opinions Editor Kelsey Lindquist

It’s a generally accepted notion in the journalism world that news reporters and news writers should not be news makers. The members of a newspaper staff must adhere to certain standards of objectivity that allow them to provide readers with credible, unbiased information.

40 students withdrawn from class without notice

On Wed., Feb. 4, 40 students were suddenly dropped from all of their classes and told that they were no longer enrolled at Mills College. Because this date was the add deadline for courses, these students needed to petition a Mills committee in order to be reinstated.

Shuttle driver brightens students’ day with smile and conversation

Anyone who has been on the Mills shuttle after 3 p.m. in the last three years has likely encountered the cheery smile and jolly demeanor of Oscar Warren.

Beloved by regular passengers for his good-natured enthusiasm and positive energy, he says that the job combines two of his favorite pastimes: driving and talking with people.

Professor Bertram Gordon:

When a student enters Bert Gordon’s office, the first thing she will probably notice are the books. The history professor’s small room in the Vera Long building is crammed with volumes, from the floor almost to the ceiling on all sides, and while they are not numerous enough to require the library-style sliding ladder Gordon once wanted, they do span the duration of his 40-year career at Mills.

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