Watching out for women on the web

Malinda Groening Women are finding new ways on the internet to fight back against men who've cheated or harassed them. “While he may seem like a sweet, caring, overall nice guy at first, be warned that first impressions are deceiving, ” says one post on a new Web site, “Not only is [he] a […]

Keep your laptops on lockdown

I am an impatient technophile, and even I wouldn't bust out my laptop at a baseball game. First of all, think of the disaster potential. Spillable beer in the hands of rowdy fans, hot dogs slathered in condiments, not to mention the possibility of catching a line drive to the face because you're checking your […]

Talk Nerdy To Me

Jennifer “Jay” Poole For every person, a fetish. …For every fetish, a Web site. The word “fetish” has four different definitions in the American heritage dictionary; I am referring to the third: “Something, such as material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.” […]

Nuns and infanticide; science and faith

Photo by Jay Poole What's worse than a dead baby in a trashcan? A dead baby in a nun's trashcan. Agnes of God, authored by John Pielmeier, is another ace in the hand of the Mills Players, the campus' drama company. It is a chilling play, of a psychiatrist with a darkened past, a convent's […]

Nature journal study results ignite encyclopedia wars The Encyclopedia Britannica, self-proclaimed as one of “the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable” is reeling from current comparison of the accuracy of its articles to that of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The scholarly journal Nature, which publishes science news, found that when comparing 42 […]

Don’t be a punk, update your junk

Jennifer “Jay” Poole This is going to sting a little bit, but it's for your own good. (This is what my dentist told me before he jammed a giant needle into my jaw. So you're getting off easy.) I've even come up with catchphrases: “Don't screw up your Ch'i, update your PC” or “You don't […]

Style wars: the battle over geek chic

Jennifer “Jay” Poole Geeks and nerds have not been exactly what one would call fashion-forward. Sure, it's a stereotype, but its one that holds water. In all my days of role-playing, programming and general geeking out, I've met very few “well-dressed” nerds – most of them would give the Queer Eye men a cardiac episode. […]

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