Perilous Years For Girls

Elizabeth F. Clayton Physical appearance is a topic that often comes up in discussions of feminism. Many feminists feel strongly that they do not want to be judged on their looks, that any acknowledgment of beauty, specifically a more traditional kind of feminine attractiveness, is tied to the objectification and consequent subjugation of women. But […]

Perilous Years For Girls

Elizabeth F. Clayton The right to control your body is one that is inherent to being human. It's something we're all taught as children; you have the right to say who does or does not touch you where. Our bodies are our own personal realms, spaces that belong to only us. Why then, do we […]

Perilous Years For Girls

Elizabeth F. Clayton Last week, my editor and I sat around the office trying to come up with a name for this column. She was sifting through the Internet looking at ads for women's products from the 40s, and one headline jumped out at us. Though we continued brainstorming, we just kept coming back to […]

Mills’ Board of Trustees reviews progress toward strategic plan

A subcommittee of the Board of Trustees finished the first stage of their review of Mills' strategic plan this week, wrapping up their interviews with student panelists. The assessment, called the Institutional Review under Presidential Leadership, will both gauge where the College is in the current strategic plan and help gather information for the next. […]

Bay Area is a literary environment

Photo by Elizabeth Clayton EDITOR'S NOTE: In this ongoing series, The Weekly talks to notable women in the Bay Area arts scene – writers, musicians, and artists. This week Elizabeth Clayton talked with Ayelet Waldman, author of the recently released Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. Waldman, who went to Harvard Law School and worked as […]


Elizabeth F. Clayton So, last week was Valentine's day, and my boyfriend Toby bought me a dozen red roses he bought at a grocery store. And I told him to buy me flowers. And when I said flowers, I was hoping for something that was not red roses, which are so cliche they kind of […]

Play offers timely glimpse into Iraq

Elizabeth F. Clayton Any viewer would benefit from seeing 9 Parts of Desire, currently showing at the Berkeley Repertory Theater; it gives a human face to the Iraqi people more than anything else available in the media today. In this one-woman play, actress Mozhan Marno takes on nine different roles, all Iraqi women. She portrays […]

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