One-of-a-kind art provides unique gifts for friends

These sites offer a variety of products that support the art community. Little Paper Planes ( Little Paper Planes is a Web store run out of Los Angeles and sells a myriad of arts and crafts, from things to hang on your wall to bags to zines. Their prints are especially great: limited editions printed […]

Spiritual journey leads new director to Mills

Photo by Elizabeth Clayton At first glance, Erika Macs doesn't look the way most would expect a pastor to look. Although she recently turned 40, she looks 10 years younger, and could easily pass as a grad student. Appearences can be deceiving though, and Macs was recently hired to be the Director of Religious and […]

‘Smoking’ satisfaction

Fox Searchlight Pictures Thank You for Smoking is both the smartest and funniest movie to come out so far this year. The film focuses on the victories and trials of Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), the Vice President for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. The ATS is a lobbying group run by Big Tobacco, and Naylor […]

Perilous Years For Girls

Elizabeth F. Clayton In what is only one example of the never-ending influence that American media has on my life, it took the new HBO show Big Love to make me actually think about polygamy. The battle over polygamy has long been one between fringe Mormon-based branch groups and the rest of society. Well, I […]

The thong: where panties went wrong?

By Malinda Groening Thongs, the style of underwear that has just a thin strip in the back, have been controversial for several years now. Blamed for the over-sexualization of young girls and helping the disintegration of values in America, thongs hit a peak market share in 2003 and have been declining ever since. It turns […]

Perilous Years For Girls

Elizabeth F. Clayton My mother had pre-menopausal breast cancer in her mid 40's – a presentation more likely to be caused by genetic factors. Because of this, I have a high risk of getting breast cancer, and am a good candidate for getting the test to see if I carry the “breast cancer gene.” But […]

Bay Area Women

Photo by Elizabeth F. Clayton EDITOR'S NOTE: In this ongoing series, The Weekly talks to notable women in the Bay Area arts scene – writers, musicians and artists. This week Elizabeth F. Clayton talked with Yiyun Li, Mills professor and author. Li grew up in Beijing and came to the U.S. in 1996, with a […]

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