Graduating staff members say goodbye: Christina Macias

I remember when I first heard about The Campanil. It was my first semester at Mills, my first Block Party. I was wandering through the club fair, and I came across The Campanil’s table under its large tent. I spoke briefly with a girl named Max Hoppe (Design Editor at the time), who mentioned two […]

If you want to sell it, put a pink ribbon on it

It’s happening again. The invitations to walk arbitrary distances, the candlelight vigils, the fairs and information sessions, the obnoxious t-shirts, the trademarked shade of pink being dropped everywhere. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While I respectfully acknowledge the importance of the cause and the seriousness of the disease, I still have some issues with […]

“Ganbare Fukushima, Ganbare Nihon”: Golden Week signals springtime in Japan

Christina Macias is experiencing Golden Week of springtime though things may still seem less “golden” for the people in Japan.

New beginnings in Tokyo during Hanami Matsuri season

As the Mills school year draws to a close, Christina Macias’ at Sophia University in Tokyo is just beginning.

Student headed to study abroad is not deterred by earthquake in Sendai, Japan

Mills student Christina Macias recounts her experience following the recent earthquake-and-tsunami in Japan and why she has chosen to continue her study abroad plans to Tokyo.

Japanese band rocks with American fans

X Japan performs live at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

Deep-rooted Japanese band comes to Oakland

After a ten-year disbandment, Japanese rock band X Japan has reunited to do a series of concerts — one location being Oakland.

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