Staff Editorial: cisgender men in classes changes dynamic

Many students have been drawn to Mills as a historically women’s college, excited by the prospect of being comfortable speaking up in class and sharing their ideas without cisgender men in the room dominating the conversation. When cisgender men are in classes with undergraduates, the classroom dynamic changes. The cisgender male students at Mills need to […]

Staff Editorial: Transparent policies would alleviate stress on Mills community

Note: This opinion is written to the best of our ability with the information available to us. As of the publication date, our staff believes that every statement we made in this op-ed is true. In light of Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Renee Jadushlever’s correspondence with Measure AA: Oakland’s Children Initiative campaign staffers that […]


Staff Editorial: the ethics of photojournalism

The ethics of photojournalism is a frequently contested issue, as we are applying older philosophies to the relatively new medium of photography.  While some photojournalism in publications such as National Geographic feels exploitative of subjects, other instances of photojournalism, such as the documentation of the Vietnam War, have helped to raise awareness and inspire activism.   Ethics of photojournalism often […]

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Staff editorial: white supremacist political violence and the global rise of fascism

This election season has been rampant with voter suppression and manipulation, coinciding with the global rise of fascism. Multiple reports from Texas claimed that voters who voted straight-ticket (meaning they choose a party’s entire slate of candidates with a single ballot mark) witnessed voting machines changing their vote to that of the opposite party, amidst […]

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Staff editorial: U.S. settler colonial politics continue to erode Indigenous sovereignty

In response to a challenge from President Trump to prove her Native American ancestry through a DNA test, Senator Elizabeth Warren released results earlier this week—sparking debate about appropriation and the politics of Indigenous sovereignty. In the same week, the Supreme Court declined to overturn North Dakota’s voter I.D. law, which requires residents to show […]

Staff Editorial: Student distrust of Mills administration continues

As returning students settle in for the fall semester, a growing sense of distrust and dissatisfaction with the Mills administration seems to be the topic of many back-to-school conversations. In between classes, students can be overheard exchanging stories of errors increases in their student bills. Within the past year, the sticker price to attend to the […]

Staff Editorial: Civic engagement has always been and is still encouraged at Mills

On Feb. 26, President Hillman sent an email to everyone at Mills to let them know that civic engagement is welcome at Mills, and to encourage them to spread this message. Following the recent student activism surrounding gun control after the Parkland school shooting on Feb. 14, Hillman explained that some college admissions offices have […]

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