Mills and EF Students Struggle to Connect

Across from Founders Commons over a hundred students from around the globe converge in one dormitory to live out the year as students on the Mills campus. The EF program has seen a rise in students this year, yet many feel that there is a lack of interaction between Mills and EF students. The EF […]

Senior Exhibition Produces a Diverse body of Work

Mills College Weekly While you were away suntanning on the coast of Florida, at your beach home in southern California, or lazing around in your dorm room during Spring Break, the Art Museum was filled with senior artists installing work for their thesis show.Filled with diverse works from student artists, the show is entitled, Rhizomatic: […]

400 People Exhibit at the Art Museum is a Photo Journey

Mills College Weekly Imagine making a list of the most important people you have known in your life. It sure is hard to come up with that many people, let alone decide who the most important ones are. Make sure to list your first grade teacher who taught you how to read, and your dentist […]

New Faces on Campus Likely Transfer Students

Mills College Weekly Whether standing in line at the Tea Shop or sitting at a desk in class, new faces have been popping up all over campus this semester with the admittance of new students. Most of these new students have transferred to Mills from outside colleges. In fact, roughly half of all new students […]

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