Stress and Lack of Sleep may Cause Bruxism

For millions of people, the daily grind may be turning into the nightly grind. And students, along with other stressed-out individuals, are at particular risk. Stress may be causing millions to unknowingly grind their teeth at night resulting in chronic headaches, earaches and jaw pain; worn enamel; and sometimes flattened, shortened or even broken teeth […]

The Yes Men Entertain in Lisser Hall for Final ACT ART Event

Mills College Weekly Representing the World Trade Organization at an international trade law conference in Salzburg, Austria, Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum seemed totally composed despite the fact that he had no professional law training and was not an actual employee of the W.T.O. Posing as fictional spokesman Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer, he proposed streamlining elections in […]

SXSW Needs More Chicks, and Less Males, to Rock

Mills College Weekly By April KilcreaseFor four days during the South by Southwest music conference, the streets of downtown Austin, Texas overflow with free beer, music from every direction, and – most of all – men.The ratio of men to women is “unbelievable,” says San Francisco singer-song writer Nedelle. “I think I talked to three […]

E-Stalking: Who’s watching you online?

Mills College Weekly After Colleen* and her boyfriend broke up, she was unable to resist looking up his new love on, the popular Web site that connects people through a network of friends. There, Colleen found countless descriptions of his current girlfriend as “the most amazing, interesting, beautiful person he’s ever met.” “It was […]

Reel-to-reel Tapes may Soon Become a Thing of the Past

When Tara Rodgers records onto two-inch reel-to-reel tape at Mills’ Center for Contemporary Music, she is well aware of how unique this experience has become. Rarely taught anymore, analog recording is “one of the reasons I chose the MFA program at Mills,” says Rodgers. Music and non-music majors alike have grown up listening to sound […]

Hotel Rwanda’s a Powerful Film that Delivers the Emotional Impact it Seeks

In 1994, nearly one million Tutsis were slaughtered in Rwanda in 100 days by the ruling Hutus. Hotel Rwanda takes this almost incomprehensible tragedy and personalizes it through one man’s story. While the rest of the world did nothing, Paul Rusesabagina (played by Don Cheadle), a middle-class family man and hotel manager of the Belgian-owned […]

New Wine Bar in SF a Hip Place to Sip

Mills College Weekly Set back in the alley behind Zuni Caf‚ in San Francisco, with only a small orange sign with a white “B” in the middle to mark the spot, Hotel Biron may be easy to miss. But maybe that’s part of the plan. What makes this wine bar so popular among the under-35 […]

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