A Thanksgiving Story

“I have some good news and some bad news,” my mom said as she walked into my room. It was the night before Thanksgiving and my mom, Doris, had been busy in the kitchen making pumpkin pie, one of my favorite parts of this holiday. “The bad news is I used twice as much honey […]

One Student’s Experience: Her First Kayaking Lesson

Anna Rainville The sun begins to poke through the clouds, warming the air; the cool breeze now feels refreshing. I hesitantly lean towards my right and plunge into the murky water of the Oakland Estuary. It is my first sea kayaking lesson and we have just started practicing self-rescues. After pulling myself free from the […]

Liz Schneiter choreographs MFA thesis

The stage was set with oranges and pomegranates, as a vocalist sang the musical pieces “Frauenliebe und Leben,” by Robert Schumann, and three dancers graced the theater. The dance, Sweet Suite, was choreographed by Liz Schneiter as part of her MFA thesis project and was inspired by her life experience; Buddhist scripture and a poem […]

Edwards gathers speed

Mills College Weekly After a slow start, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards gained momentum and now holds second place in the race. At the end of the January primaries, Edwards was in third place, but is now in second with an approximate eight percent gap between him and front-runner John Kerry. “I think John Edwards […]

Positive end to season

Mills College Weekly During their final meet, the Mills College swim team broke the school record for the 400 free relay, making it the 13th record broken this season. “It was fun to end the meet on a school record,” said head swim coach Neil Virtue. “It was very reflective of the season.” Swimmers Sophia […]

Cyclone of the Week

Sophia Tuttle, Feb. 2-Feb. 8, 2004 Sophomore Sophia Tuttle finished the swimming season with a bang this past weekend as Mills hosted C.S.U. Hayward and San Francisco State. Sophia’s three personal best times were also the fastest times of the season for the Cyclones in the 100 and 200 freestyle and the 200 Individual Medley. […]

Senior Claire Abe finishes her last cross-country season in style

Mills College Weekly This season, senior Claire Abe beat her personal record during the Regional Cross-Country Championships at Fresno, but her most memorable events have nothing to do with running. For the first month of the season Abe, a psychology major, was ineligible to run in races because of transcript problems due to spending last […]

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